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Pharmaco Consulting is the sole distributor for the Synapse Wireless Data System in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Synapse wireless transmitters can transmit up to a range of 1km provided that there is minimal interference on the client site.


The Synape software consists of a client and server. The Synapse hardware collects data wirelessly such as, temperature, humidity, Pressure differentials and Carbon Dioxide and feeds this into an SQL database. All new units are supplied fully validated to MHRA/VMD standards.



SQL Database

Synapse Server

Synapse Client

All data captured by the system is stored in a powerful central SQL database. This database is a full multi-tier, multiuser database which provides secure data storage along with easy access across LAN or WAN systems for one or more users.
Access to the database is restricted to users having a user account which provides a very high level of data security.

The Server application is typically installed on a single PC anywhere on the user network and is used to logically connect the Synapse hardware system to the SQL database.

While the Synapse server normally runs as a background task on the Server PC the interface shown here can be accessed (password protected) to enable simple system configuration.

The server is fully 21 CFR – 11 compatible
Many of the system configuration settings can be accessed through the server interface.

The client application can be installed on any PC on the
user network and provides access to the data that has been captured by the system. It simplifies data representation while retaining ease of use and is fully 21 CFR – 11 compatible.

The number of Client installations is only limited by the available licences purchased with the product.

Additional licences can be supplied (at cost) on request. .


client graph

 The Client includes a powerful and fast reporting tool that can create simple or detailed reports with a single click of the mouse.


client report



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Statistical Process Control - packages installed and supported.


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Customised Apps that integrate and access several data sources and display the results for side by side comparison.


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All software provided is 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant



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